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We’re very happy to announce the artists that will be participating in Spectral Gallery SUPERSTITION Group Art Show opening on April 1st, 2016.

This show will feature all local Las Vegas artists creating unique artwork related to the theme SUPERSTITION :

Alan Cervantes
Albert F. Montoya
Ashleigh Popplewell
Barbra Loveless
Brandon Lin
Brian Gibson
Chris Rosdahl
Christy Colgan
Das Frank
Hernan Valencia
Jamie Hayles
Jska Priebe
Mike Biggs
Nick Bones
Nikia Taper
Noel Terracina
Richard Bistrup
Roxy Montoya
Rubi Chavez
Stephanie Cowell
Yobi Graciano

These works will be available for viewing via virtual gallery and purchase through Spectral Gallery’s website on April 1st. (No joke!)  You may also view works in progress and sneak peeks by searching the hashtag #SUPERSTITIONARTSHOW on Instagram and Twitter.

To view the Facebook event page, please click here.

SUPERSTITION Group Art Show Las Vegas

SUPERSTITION Group Art Show Las Vegas

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“The Crystal Crypt and Beyond” Philip K. Dick Tribute Exhibition

Save the date for February 5, 2016! Spectral Gallery presents “The Crystal Crypt and Beyond” – a Philip K. Dick Tribute Exhibition. Featuring artwork inspired by Philip K. Dick and his stories, this exhibition commemorates the online release of the award-winning short film The Crystal Crypt. This show is co-curated by Hana Kim and Shahab Zargari, director of The Crystal Crypt.

Participating artists include Albert F. Montoya, Cody Williams, Creeptoons, Dasha Biggs, Dub Williams, Eric Michael Hancock, Fika Art, Flavia Chan, Gabriel Edwards, Genevieve Santos, Hooked Hands, Jacob Gallegos, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jska Priebe, Karli Janell, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Mike Biggs, Powell Studios, andRodger Revilla.

“The Crystal Crypt and Beyond” opens on Friday, February 5 with a reception starting at 7pm. The opening reception will be held in conjunction with First Friday Las Vegas.

The Crystal Crypt and Beyond