"Strange Lullaby" - Graphite and ink drawing by Jon Beinart

The beinArt Collective

After a long hiatus from the internet The beinArt Collective is back with a brand new website! The beinArt Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for surreal and imaginative themes. They represent over 170 artists including: Mark Ryden Jeremy Geddes, Kris Kuksi, Laurie Lipton, Ron English, Greg (Craola) Simkins, Steven Assael, Travis Louie, Martin Wittfooth, Michael Hussar, Marco Mazzoni, Chris Mars, Chet Zar & Christian Rex van Minnen. (See full list here: http://beinart.org/artists/) They will be publishing a series of interviews with their artists on their blog in the coming months.

Toddlerpede 2.0 (front view) - Sculpture by Jon Beinart.

Toddlerpede 2.0 (front view) – Sculpture by Jon Beinart.