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Nicole Waszak





Nicole Waszak has been busy this summer with a spotlight in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and back to back art shows at  Art Hatch in Escondido and now being a featured artist at #ArtExpoSD this weekend happening during Comicon at the Wonderbread Factory in San Diego. Painting pretty petites, Nicole has her hands full trying to get her subjects to pose so she instead captures what girls do best  PLAY! .She has a keen eye for detail in these realistic yet  whimsical poses of what lists below as one of her favorite things to be her favorite subjects.

As a young girl I was lost and too grounded in my own sad reality, without the opportunity I deserved to be innocent and free from apprehension.  Becoming a mother opened my eyes to what I had missed as a child and my body of work over the last four years has been concentrated on my daughter.  My entire life – and life’s oeuvre – is focused on the participation in and careful observation of the development of this one little girl.  Through examining her I get to know her better.  Of an equivocal importance is the opportunity to more closely know myself; to reconnect with my lost inner child and to explore the rightful meaning of childhood.

I asked the artist,  as I do with all my interviews , “What’s Your Fav Favz? ”

Here is what she gave us. Enjoy and see her and her work at Art Expo in San Diego July 24 through 26, 2014.

NICOLE’s 5Favz

Q. FIVE Favorite things:


1. Creating art

2. Girl time with my daughter

3. Patterns (visual and/or numerical)

4. Drum and bass (dnb) music

5. Brainstorming / Daydreaming

Q. What are you presenting at ArtExpoSD:

A. At ArtExpoSD I will have a handful of new pieces created within the last couple of months as well as fine art prints and stickers.

Q. What are you  looking forward to at ArtExpoSD (this weekend):

A. I am primarily looking forward to having a few days straight to spend alongside other established artists while interacting with the public.  The VIP reception should be a great evening mixing it up with lots of art dialogue in a fun social setting.  I am also looking forward to seeing how my work is received by Comic-Con goers and fans who make their way over to ArtExpoSD; it is always enjoyable to present my work to a new audience.