Jared Wright interview

Interview: Jared Wright


Jared Wright is a self taught artist and illustrator from Tampa, Fl. He specializes in colorful images and heavy lines through multiple mediums including watercolor and acrylic paint as well as digital illustration. His work usually consists of woodland animals in a sort of collage of awesomeness. Jared is available for work in album art/ merch design for bands, clothing design, logo design as well as commissioned pieces.

Where are you living and working right now?

Currently Clearwater, FL but my wife and I are scouting out places to move.

What food, drink, song inspires you?

I’d have to say, buffalo wings, iced tea and Tuesdays gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Least favorite part of making art? And your favorite part…

My least favorite part of making art I would say is hand cramps, I’ve been getting a ton of them lately. Favorite would probably be seeing a completed project and just being happy with it. There’s a lot of times where I look back and go “ I wish I would of done this, or that” But to look back at a piece and be completely satisfied with it is a great feeling.

Favorite medium to work with?

Good old fashion ink. Microns preferably but I do enjoy a nib pen and some super pigmented acrylic.

jared wright illustration

If you could collaborate with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Oh man there’s soo many, I’d have to go with Peter Max. I went to the museum of fine art in St.Petersburg Fl on a field trip in high school and they had a Peter Max exhibit and I was blown away. I actually met him a few years later at one of his shows, I got to meet him and shake his hand. I even got his autograph, it was pretty insane.

Artist(s) that inspire you?

Oh man theres soo many. Lets see… Peter Max, Anthony Yankovic, John Baizley, Craola, Richey Beckett, Ken Taylor, Fumi Nakamura, Pushead for sure. There’s seriously soo many that I could fill this page up.

Because I’m nosy, what’s your most annoying habit?

Although it’s not annoying to me but im sure my wife and friends would say I mess around too much, Im always making stuff up for no reason, on a side note I just read that Dustin Diamond was arrested in relation to a string of murders in Maine. Also every time there’s a full moon I turn into a werewolf.

What time of day are you most productive?

Late night, I would say 80 percent of my work is done after 10pm. I don’t know why either I get up early but my brain just works better at night.

Currently listening to?

A ton of fm talk radio. (not cool enough for NPR). I also enjoy Bob Seger , Boston, or CCR radio on Pandora while I draw.

A quote that has stuck with you?

“you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”- Wayne Gretsky – Michael Scott. I don’t know if anyone will get that.

Least artistic award you’ve received?

Oh man lets see, I would say the least artistic but most prestigious award I’ve ever received would be grandson of the year, Yeah I won that back in 1996 I believe.

Oddest job you’ve done to make rent?

I really can’t say. (Because they were illegal) No really I can’t name any … I’ve had terrible jobs before but they weren’t too odd.

What is your dream project?

Jeez this seems like such a simple question to answer but I honestly don’t know. Possibly collaborating with one of my favorite artists on a poster for a band I love. That’s very vague I know…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I honestly don’t know this either. I hear good and bad advice all the time, as generic as this is I’d say “don’t give up” is pretty damn good advice. I hate to end the interview with these two terrible answers.