Conversation with Paul Granese

Paul Granese

Finish the sentence. Today I woke up and:

– Got dressed, got a cup of coffee, and headed out to my day job as a screen printer.

Where are you living and working right now?

– I’m currently living and working in a close suburb of Philadelphia, PA called Collegeville. It’s quiet but has a lot of cool history.

Where do you feel your art is going?

– I’m pretty comfortable with the direction I’ve been taking my work lately. I’ve started to drift away from the style that I’ve been doing for years (mostly for metal band shirts) and started experimenting with new techniques. I’d say the direction i’ve been going is more fun- some say it’s “cartoony, but detail oriented at the same time”.

Paul Granese

Three people who’ve influenced you as an artist and the person you are today, and why?

– 1.) My uncle. I remember going over his house when I was younger and watching him paint and sculpt. He was into punk rock and snowboarding and I thought he was the coolest guy around. He’s honestly the reason why I got into art in the first place.

2.) Laura Hoffman, my girlfriend. I met her back in high school about 6 years ago. She’s so passionate and motivated about photography that it radiates and inspires me every day. It’s great to have someone who shares the same creative drive as you- it’s fun to bounce ideas off each other and work together on things!

3.) Christian Patchell, or “Patch”- one of my college professors. One of the most dedicated, hard working people I know. His classes got me insanely motivated, and were some of my favorites. He taught me so many things about art, design, and just being a good solid person in general, and I’m honored I got to be one of his students.

Do you have a favorite book?

– I’ll be honest, I don’t read too much anymore. I rarely have the time to sit down and actually read, unfortunately. I do enjoy art books and book on graphic design, illustration, typography, or anything creative really.

Paul Granese

It’s Friday night, what are you up to?

– Either working, or kicking it with my awesome friends! Or on rare occasions, both.

Describe your work in three words:

– Colorful, strange, relatable.

Paul Granese

Favorite medium to work with?

– Brush pens. Just discovered ’em a few months ago and I now find myself going to them all the time. I find that my linework is a lot more fluid and organic when I use them as opposed to regular microns or sharpies.

Currently listening to?

• Balance and Composure- The Things We Think We’re Missing

• Cool Calm Pete- Lost

• Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind

• Transit- Listen & Forgive

• The Gaslight Anthem- Handwritten

Breaking Bad

The most bizarre thing someone has said about your work:

– I’ve gotten a few comments from folks thinking my work was related to the illuminati in some way. I can see it I guess. It’s not related in any way, but I can see some elements that may lead others to question. Take it however you want!

Because I’m nosy, what’s your most annoying habit?

– I have to say, smoking cigarettes. I’m trying to quit, but it’s so hard! Such a nasty habit.

Favorite superhero and why?

– Batman, just because he was my favorite superhero growing up, and it will always remind me of my childhood. Kind of a nostalgia thing I guess.

Paul Granese

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