Conversation with Mike Sandoval

Mike Sandoval

Finish the sentence. Today I woke up and:

I looked outside my window. It was rainy and i smiled.

Where are you living and working right now?

Mexico, specifically Mexico City. I work as an Art Director in an advertising agency, but after 7pm i shift turns to my illustration work and stay awake until high hours of the night, drawing.

Mike Sandoval

Where do you feel your art is going?

Right now I’m developing a technique in order to find a style of my own. Thanks to the social networks, specially Instagram and FB people is starting to recognize my work. Recently i painted my first mural so i’m looking forward to paint bigger surfaces. This is important to me because i’m really keen on pushing my boundaries, i want my work to evolve and try new mediums and dimensions. At some point, I’ll quit my job in Advertising in order to be a full time Illustrator.

Three people who’ve influenced you as an artist and the person you are today, and why?

My parents definitely played a huge role in my development as a human being, they’ve always encouraged and supported me in every way, thanks to them i am where i am today. As an artist i could name hundreds of names from people i admire, but perhaps the person that has had the biggest impact on me is my best friend Hector. He is a painter and an Artist with capital A and even though our artistic fields are different, we always try to give feedback to each other in order to improve. We’ve been friends since junior high, so we know each other very well.

Mike Sandoval

It’s Friday night, what are you up to?

Well, Mexico City is one of those cities that never sleep. There’s always something to do. A couple of years ago i used to party a lot, now i prefer go out for a beer and listen to good music in some bar.

Describe your work in three words:

Really.Narrow. Lines.

Other than art (because some of us have other hobbies) what are you into at the moment?

I just bought a tattoo machine. This is one of the most exciting things i’ve done lately. This is a hobby but i want it to be an extension of my work. I spend hours checking the work of other tattoo artists so yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with it right now.

Mike Sandoval

Favorite medium to work with?

India ink and brush pens, also Microns are great.

Currently listening to?

Lots of Stoner Rock bands like Kyuss, Queens of The Stone Age, Baroness, that kind of stuff.

Mike Sandoval

Being an artist is a tough job. How do you keep motivated?

Every day the internet shows me tons of amazing artists from all around the globe. That’s very motivating, it’s like an internal struggle that pushes me to make things in order to amaze myself. Also, i find motivation every time I’m invited to some project or collaboration or anything because that means people like my stuff, it feels great.

You’re on death row, and it’s time to order up your last meal. What are you having?

This is a hard one. I’d ask for either green enchiladas with cheese or a big juicy cheeseburger with fries.

Death It Be

What piece of advice would you give to any up and coming artists?

The best advice i could give to anyone is: Draw for you. Do not try to please others, please yourself and challenge yourself. Be your number one fan but also your fiercest critic. But above everything; enjoy it.

To view more of Mike’s work checkout his website