Man One

.357Mag Interview: Man One

ManOne has broken down walls by painting them up from Los Angeles to London. Alex Poli, best known as Man One in the art community is an artrepreneur. He’s paid his dues and is branded as an authority on Graffiti, Street art and an artist sustaining while creating art, as a business.

As a curator,designer,gallerist, art activist and leader he is everywhere.While working toward his goal to make graffiti legit, he’s sprayed the world with color and boldness in style..

I must say for all that he does this artist is truly ManOne of A Kind. The Artillerist  .357 Mag Interview with 3 Essential tools, 5 Favorites , and 7 words of wisdom for the inside shot. Loaded, Locked, Aimed for the inside shot!

Man 1

3 Essential tools:

Spray can

5 Favorite things:

My family

7 Words of Wisdom:

Only Do What You Love To Do.

What he’s working on:

I started my own mural campaign that you can follow on social media: #FACESLA
I’m so proud to have friends and supporters who are helping me to make this possible. I’ve been wanting to paint murals of the everyday person all over the city for quite some time now and it’s finally happening!

People can check out recent murals I’ve produced in Las Vegas for Shiekh Shoes and Ice Cream Lab in Pasadena.
I’ve got more murals pending for both these companies all over LA and neighboring cities!

I will be curating bimonthly exhibitions at “Open Space: Cafe Theatre” in the Fairfax District very soon.

“Always try to be positive and love life. Everything else will fall into place.” ~ManOne

Man One


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