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PBS: Tatiana Suarez

Prolific young Miami artist, Tatiana Suarez has been creating unusual works of art featuring her trademark, dreamy, doe-eyed “girls.” The size and scope of her recent work has ranged from adorning footwear to massive murals, including her recently completed work on Harrison Street in Hollywood.

The Happiest Show on Earth

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7th | 7-10PM On View:  September 7th – October 5th, 2012 “Happiest Show on Earth” marks the 5th anniversary of Color Ink Book and as a nod to WWA gallery‘s roots in animation art, participating artists have revamped iconic Disney characters with wit, humor and satire. We hope you can join

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L’innamorato September 20th, 2013 – 7-10pm Potters Wife Gallery 1421 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Curated by Dan Hudson & Aunia Kahn “From an early age and most often in passion we spark interest in those that inspire, motivate and drive us in our human experience. Once captivated, we revere, look up to and aspire

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Chrystal Chan

Raised in the Bay Area of California, Chrystal Chan has been fascinated by the spiritual world since a young age. The majority of her works present subjects in metaphorical situations that are derived from visions, supernatural experiences, and beings. Other works are reflective of feelings and situations placed in the everyday life. In each of

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