Sylvia Ji

Conceptual Realism – Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji Beginnings

Sylvia Ji was born in 1982 in San Francisco. Her parents are Korean-American. She is a graduate of the Academy of Art University of San Francisco where in 2005 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

She moved to Los Angeles to take a job as a fashion designer, but spends her off hours painting.

Since graduating she has been a featured artist in twenty shows. Her first solo exhibition was presented 2007. Since that time she has exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, Japan.

 Sylvia Ji

Sylvia Ji Process, Medium, Technique

Ms. Ji paints on wood panel due to the durability, hardness, and smooth surface provided. She uses acrylic rather than oil.

She cites as favorite artists the Neo Classical painter Ingres along with Tissot, Manet, and Mucha.

Ms. Ji states that she begins a painting by photographing a few models (she always paints women), then looking through art books, period publications and the internet for elements to include with the female form. Ms. Ji states that she likes period costume including dresses, hats, and decorative headware such as feathers and flowers.

Once she has the figure and costume determined for a piece she’ll start sketching, creating a number of studies and finally begin painting the piece.

Her work day starts early in the morning. She states that she is having a good day if the work day extends into the night with a sense of time dilation taking place.

On her Favorite Subject

“Women in a sense are each beautiful flowers: fragile, hypnotizing, unique, and some deadly.”


Warning on Videos Below

Many, though not all, of Ji’s works are featured in the videos below.

Fair warning, some of the images presented contain partial nudity. If you are sharing this hub with younger readers be aware of this fact.