Buddy Nestor

.357Mag Interview: BUDDY NESTOR

With murky, mauled , monochrome faces his pieces capture his audience that capture the essence of Eric G. Wilson’s book,  “Everyone loves a good train Wreck: Why We Can’t Look Away. Buddy is a painter of unsettling portraits of the human soul in spiritual conflict.

The Artillerist presents  .357 Mag Interview with 3 Essential tools, 5 Favorites , and 7 words of wisdom for the inside shot. Loaded, Locked, Aimed for the inside shot! ~Ag

Buddy Nestor
3 Essential Tools:

5 Favorites:
Snowboarding with 6 inches of fresh powder
Lazy Sundays

Buddy Nestor
Words of Wisdom:
“I don’t have any words of wisdom”

What to look forward to :
The Happening at Gristle NYC
Muses at Helikon Denver CO
Auguste Clown Australia

Buddy Nestor

Buddy’s latest pieces are available at SevVen Gallery in Huntignton Beach.