The Artillerist is a high caliber collaborative social resource support for artist by artist.

Consulting available :
Let our team of experts assist you in web design, branding , social networking , editorials for your publications, art work on all levels.
Andi Garcia lends over 20 years in logistical skills to the business of the arts.
Email at andi@theartillerist.com
Subject Line : Consult Me, Please

If you are an arts writer or photographer and would like to conduct an interview, write a review, go on a studio visit, or cover an art opening in your area for inclusion on our site, please contact albert@theartillerist.com for consideration.

The ARTillerist provides an original and unique approachable forum for the emerging and established artist , as well as the novice to seasoned art collectors in a combined platform that will educate while stimulating creativity.

The goal of this art social network is to heighten the movement through the collective promotion of “Art for Art’s Sake” among its artist and art enthusiast membership. All are welcome.

Current membership is spread across the globe from Switzerland, Italy, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and several traditionally known act meccas.

This online art community will provide logistical and practical applications to the art as a business world without the loss of purity in the creative process or presentations.

Through the guidance of resident curator and art dealer , Andi Garcia, the art collectors will be engaged by way of personal direct dialogue and service to meet their acquisition needs while being introduced to the most innovative and highly desired artists globally.

This is YOUR art social network.

Cheers to you for loving “Art For Art’s Sake” !!